Date calculators

Date-based calculators to figure out time span, age at selected date, milestones and more!

How long have I lived?

Enter your date of birth and we'll calculate how many years, days, hours, minutes and seconds you've been alive.

How many days between two dates?

Enter two dates and we'll calculate how many days there are between the dates.

How many days until date?

Calculate how many days ago or how many days are left until a specific date.

See your milestones based on your age

Calculate what date you will reach certain milestones. For example, when will you be 10,000 days old? On what day will you turn 100?

See what date is before or after a certain point in time

Calculate what date it will be, or was, a certain number of days before or after a specific date.

Convert time units

Enter a time unit and we'll convert it to other time units. For example days to months, years to hours, 6500 hours in years, months, days, minutes and seconds.

See how old you are or were on the selected date

Calculate how old you are on a specific date. You can either enter a date in the future or in the past to see how old you were in years, months and days.